There are not enough words to describe how amazed and grateful we are for the dedication, compassion and generosity of all of our donors and volunteers! 


The Karen Foundation's Hall of Fame! 

Inaugural Class
• Craig Rice 
• “The Postman” Pete Gaughn  
• Big Tom Provindenti
• Kevin McCarthy 

Special 10 Year Acknowledgement 
• Joe D Bradley
• “Damper” Dan Dombek 

Previous Inductees: 
• Mike Grycan
• John & Matt Minnillo
• Billiam Toto 
• Don Herbe
• Tyler Bobus
• Anthony Quagliata 
• “Roddy Roddy” Mike Roddy 
• Neil Broffman 
• Joe Adair
• Terri Johnson 
• Mike Roche 
• “Mad Dog” Mike Resnik 
• Megan Johnson 
• Cory May
• Norm Shafran 
• Ron Muttillo 
• The Gamellias 
• Kelly Rice 
• Carl Grassi 
• Rich From 
• Jason Wolfram 
• The Salvo Sisters ( Trinity Tera & Tiffaney) 
• Diane Klaus
• Jamie Drysdale 
• Maura Dettmer 
• Valerie Propper 
• Nick Gory
• Monica Dockery 

A very special THANK YOU to the following for their time and loyal help throughout the years:

Kristin Bobus 
Jennifer Hamilton 
Linda Gruenspan
Muttillo Family 
Johnson Family 
Megan Johnson 
Klaus Family 
Hitmar Family
Rice Family 
Rinaldi Family 
Gory Family
Zach Marcus 
Jason Toth 
Angela Iacofano 
Wendy Prisack and Family 
Steve Zamborsky 
Orlando Bakery & Family 
Intersoft Group 
St Paschal Baylon Mothers! 
Light of Two Moons 
Swamps of Jersey 
Dave Morrisson 
Kevin McCarthy 
Jan LeComnte 
Steve McAdams
Cory May 
Bobby George & Team 

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